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Animating the profiles of fonts/text – SideFX Houdini Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to animate the profiles of text generated with the Font SOP. Each letter will be broken into multiple lines by removing the corners, and then each line is stretch outwards in the direction each is pointing. The lines are then animated to reveal the letter’s profile as a motion graphics effect.

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Animated polygons influenced by metaballs – SideFX Houdini Tutorial

In this tutorial I will discuss how to transfer the weighted field of influence from metaballs to polygon attributes, and then use that attribute to control the individual animation of each polygon.

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Creating the Windows Mystify screensaver effect in SideFX Houdini – Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to use particles to create lines that bounce around in different colors. Reproducing the mystify screensaver from Windows.

Creating dashed lines in SideFX Houdini

A very short tutorial on how to create line patterns in Houdini.