Lagoa Multiphysics Engine for SoftImage ICE

Thiago Costa is a Brazilian programmer, artist, and animator working as Lead Technical Director at Ubisoft Digital Arts. He has been developing a new physics engine (Lagoa Multiphysics) and putting clips of it onto his Vimeo account.

Recently he posted an official trailer of it’s features as a demo reel on Vimeo and it’s received over 1 million views so far, and after you watch you’ll understand why. I’ve worked with RealFlow and Houdini for a while, but what Thiago’s created seems for more interesting. The real-time interactive usability is truly amazing (I wonder if this uses a GPU?).

Lagoa Multiphysics is a third-party plugin for SoftImage ICE.

The engine appears to be a cloth simulator which can also solve 3D voxels with particle-to-particle collision. You can see the chains between the particles breaking in the demo. I haven’t seen something like this done in Houdini or RealFlow. If anyone knows if it’s possible, then please let me know.

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